NBA 2K16 Release News: First Gameplay Footage Features Moving Stephen Curry In Digital Short

NBA 2K16 Release News: First Gameplay Footage Features Moving Stephen Curry In Digital Short
Photo Credit: AJ Batac via Compfight cc

A fan can count the number of days.


2K is leaving no stones unturned to keep up with demands to make the product more and more exciting. Fans will be enjoying the real flavor of the game in the world of fantasy.

First Gameplay Footage

Filmmaker Spike Lee has narrated the video “Beyond the Shadows.” It’s a moving montage of clips from Curry’s basketball life. It captures the MVP’s childhood, schooldays, college career and finally in the NBA draft.

2K Sports on Monday released its first gameplay footage on cover star Curry by digital short for its latest version, NBA 2K16.

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The next two of the mini-series will focus on Anthony Davis and James Harden.

The Pro-Am Game Mode

The Pro-Am mode is set to return in NBA 2K16. 2K Sports confirmed via Twitter and fans will be delighted to see the teaser released for the mode.

The players can build their own team and have their own logo, then chose their own arena and customize it like changing floor patterns, line color, key center circle, half court and perimeter. They would also be able to create uniform patterns and select collar types.

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Screenshots Of Cover Athletes Released

James Harden, Stephen Curry and Anthony Davis – 2K has released few screenshots of the three cover athletes. Detailed features could be located in the shots like massive eyebrow of Davis. Or you can find the signature Under Armour sneakers and bracelets of Curry. The beard of Harden also garnered huge praise already.

Atlanta Hawks Dennis Schroder will grace the game cover in Germany. In France, San Antonio Spurs French star Tony Parker will feature in cover.

The “Cavs Version” of Machine Gun Kelly’s “Till I Die” will be part of DJ Mustard’s game playlist. The Cavs have announced this on Twitter.

And Stephen Curry’s famous trajectory of free throws while chewing on his mouthguard draws special attractions.

For the PC, PS4, PS3, Xbox One and Xbox 360 the game shall be available on September 29.