NBA 2k16 MyCareer Mode Storyline Written, Directed By Spike Lee

NBA 2k16 MyCareer Mode Storyline Written, Directed By Spike Lee
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Two years ago, MyCareer Mode was introduced in the NBA 2K series. In this series, the gamer would get a narrative experience that guides one through the events of a preconceived storyline. The mode has been updated this year in various ways.


“Livin’ Da Dream” is scripted and directed by Spike Lee. A gamer can take control of a character nicknamed Frequency Vibrations in what is being described as more of an interactive movie than the last two versions of MyCareer. The progress of the story is influenced by the decision made by the player.

It is designed to keep a player in a surreal world.

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The story begins in high school and players now get an opportunity to go to that school, and eventually, college. There are 10 licensed universities to choose from for each player in NBA 2K16. But whether they will possess playable components or not is still unknown.

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Spike Lee has made it quite adult-natured, though ERSB, a panel that assigns ratings to all video games, has given E10+ to NBA 2K16. Most of the league based games are rated as “E For Everyone.”

The mode includes significant events such as deaths of characters, suicides and objectification of women.

NBA 2K16 is scheduled to release on September 29, but those who pre-order will get it four days earlier.

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