NATO, US & Russia Looming WW3 Spells End Of Humanity

NATO, US & Russia Looming WW3 Spells End Of Humanity
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Tensions are very ripe concerning the NATO and the U.S. against Russia. If a third world war would erupt anytime, humanity will be wiped out, according to a war analyst. His warning comes as the U.S. and Russia are allegedly having proxy wars in Syria. Meanwhile, NATO, a strong U.S. ally, hosted its biggest war game in ten years near Russia’s borders.


If NATO and U.S. would decide to finally face Russia in what could be World War 3, the scenario  “would probably spell, if not the end of humanity, the end of possibility of a comfortable future for humanity,” war analyst Don DeBar told Press TV in an interview. His comment was made following reports that Pentagon is set to stationed 4,000 more forces at Russia’s borders. “It’s a very bad sign, people do not generally place their army at your door unless they plan to fight a war with you,” DeBar added.

NATO, on the other hand, gathered more than 30 nations to participate in what is described as the biggest and most ambitious war game for more than a decade. The participating countries brought with them a total of 36,000 troops at sea, on the ground and in the air. There were more than 160 aircraft including fighter jets, refueling tankers, transport aircraft, helicopters, surveillance planes and drones.

The military exercise, called the Trident Juncture 2015, is held from 15 air bases in Italy, Spain and Portugal. It began on Oct. 19 and from Oct. 21 to 28 there had been nearly 340 flights out of fighter jets within Portugal providing simulated enemy air assets out of Monte Real, according to Hellenic Air Force Colonel Georgios Giapitzis.

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NATO allies participated in the largest war game after almost ten years in order to observe the impressive aerial capabilities of each other according to Commander Pascal Belhumeur, Commanding officer of the Canadian Frigate HMCS Winnipeg. Those country allies participating include Dutch and British maritime forces that conducted an amphibious operation together in Spain; Italy, U.S. Marines and British Royal Marines simulate war together to enhance their interoperability during battle; Canadian, Portuguese, Spanish and Danish warships simulate attack in the Atlantic Ocean south of Portugal.


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    They don’t Realize that just like USA has Allies with its Europe NATO countries, Russia has stronger Allies with the likes of Iran, China, Pakistan, North Korea…NATO wants war BRING IT