Nathan Fillion Supports Split Of Rick And Kate, Reveals Next ‘Castle’ Storyline

Nathan Fillion Supports Split Of Rick And Kate, Reveals Next ‘Castle’ Storyline
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The split of Rick and Kate has not really gone well for viewers and now we have what Nathan Fillion, Castle star, thinks about it. Viewers were shattered to see their favorite pair, which had tied the knot only at the end of Season 7, splitting by the second episode of the 8th season.


However, in an interview, Nathan said that he supports the decision of the onscreen split and he shares the same thoughts with Paul Winter and Alexi Hawley. The showrunners wanted to stir things up in the show because they were not ready to go in the expected path. Nathan believes that the twist in the story is going to give the show the right boost.

In the interview given to TV Line, Nathan revealed that the showrunners opted for the temporary breakup of the favorite couple of the show to make viewers stay rooted for the couple just the way they used to do.

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In addition to supporting the split, Nathan also spoke about the changes we are going to see in the show. He said that the storyline of this season will flow the same way as it has already been presented by the first few episodes. However, showrunners are not ready to make the series a drama; hence, they are trying to come up with new comedy sequences in the story.

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Fillion said that the core attraction of the show lies in its lighthearted spirit, which viewers liked about the show. The co-runners are just trying to get back that old charm.

In the next episode, we will see Rick exploring his preferred author and he will also continue to keep an eye on Kate.