NASCAR Updates: Macy Causey Featured In Sports Illustrated, CEO Deals With Trump Endorsement Fallout

NASCAR Updates: Macy Causey Featured In Sports Illustrated, CEO Deals With Trump Endorsement Fallout
Donald Trump Gage Skidmore / Flickr CC BY-SA 2.0

Recently, NASCAR has been proud to announce that its NASCAR Diversity Award recipient Macy Causey has been featured in the March issue of Sport Illustrated’s Faces in the Crowd due to her accomplishments in the world of racing.


Causey had been named Rookie of the Year at the Langley Speedway in 2015. It was no surprise to parents Rette and Dee Causey that their daughter would go on to have a successful career in the race track. After all, both of them had been race car drivers themselves. Not only that, Macy’s grandmother happens to be Diane Teel, a driver who had raced in the 70’s and went on to become the first woman to win a NASCAR sanctioned back in 1978.

For her part, Causey said she knew she had wanted to be in the tracks since she was around seven or eight. Today, at 15, she is able to race legally despite being below the age for driver’s license eligibility. Causey races a blue, silver and hot pink Chevrolet SS that proudly displays her dad’s number, 33. She has also become the youngest female to race in .396-mile Langley Speedway Track.

Meanwhile, NASCAR CEO Brian France is facing significant backlash after openly announcing his endorsement for GOP presidential front-runner Donald Trump. During his recent interview with the Associated Press, France said, “I was frankly, very surprised, that my diversity efforts for my whole career would have been called into question.” He also says he had thought of his Trump endorsement as simply “routine.” However, France soon found out it was anything but.

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“I made a few phone calls and clarified some things,” France said. He had talks with the sport’s sponsors about his choice to endorse Trump as it threatens to destroy NASCAR’s diversity legacy established over the years. For the record, the NASCAR CEO said he likes Trump’s “business approach” but clarifies, “I’m not supporting him for all of his views, or his immigration views.”

France’s endorsement of Trump and his subsequent clarification arrived as the sport is looking to secure a new main sponsor for its top series.

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