NASCAR News: Stewart Starts To Embark On ‘Tony’s Next Chapter’

NASCAR News: Stewart Starts To Embark On ‘Tony’s Next Chapter’
Tony Stewart In Tony’s Next Chapter / YouTube

Tony Stewart may not be back in the driver’s seat yet, but that hasn’t stopped him from busying himself with other things. In fact, as he prepares to go into retirement at the end of this season, he figured he’d go ahead and work on “Tony’s Next Chapter” with Mobil 1.


Stewart partnered with longtime sponsor Mobil 1 to create “Tony’s Next Chapter,” a series revolving around the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series three-time champion as he attempts to discover potential hobbies he can get busy with once he hangs up his racing gloves for good. Of course, no one expects Stewart to step away from the track altogether.

After all, aside from being the original driver for the No. 14 Chevrolet, he is also co-owner of the Stewart-Haas Racing team. Nonetheless, Stewart might still have a bit of free time in the future. That’s why, it’s important to discover what he’ll be doing during his ‘next chapter.’

Of course, his series wouldn’t be complete if it didn’t include Stewart’s current teammates like Danica Patrick and Kevin Harvick. After all, these 30-second videos wouldn’t be as fun. Take the episode called “Tony Picks Up Painting,” for example. Here, Stewart tries to draw a painting of Harvick, but as an ancient soldier. And then later on in “Tony’s Meat Smoker,” Stewart introduces Harvick to the all-new “Stewart smoker.” Harvick complains it just “smells like burnt rubber.”

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Stewart admits he’s enjoying shooting the episodes a lot as he continues to recover from the accident he suffered earlier this year. “It’s fun, that’s the great thing. From Day 1 when we’ve worked with Mobil 1 it’s all been funny, off-the-wall stuff that is not super serious,” he said.

Episodes of “Tony’s Next Chapter” can be found in Mobil 1’s YouTube channel as well as Mobil 1’s and Stewart-Haas Racing’s Facebook pages. Catch the four episodes now!

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