NASCAR News: France Open To The Possibility Of New Manufacturers

NASCAR News: France Open To The Possibility Of New Manufacturers
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For NASCAR Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Brian France, the possibilities for the future of his motorsport are practically endless. And while he is looking into all of them, perhaps what excites him most is the likelihood that other manufacturers may join stock-car racing soon.


“There is some interest by a couple of different manufacturers, and we would be open to that in the right conditions,” France admitted. He also said he gets why other car companies are looking at the possibility of getting into NASCAR. For starters, Toyota decided to make this move, and they are now doing quite well in the sport.

In fact, France refers to them as “incredible success story,” having managed to “come into a sport that’s very difficult to come in, compete and win every weekend.” However, France was mum about the possibility of manufacturer Dodge making a return to the sport.

Meanwhile, France seemed less optimistic about the idea of adding a whole new raceway to the already 23 tracks NASCAR races on each year. During an impromptu interview with SiriusXM host Dave Moody, France says the decision on whether to add a new track to the lineup or not largely depends on the economy.

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“That has a tendency to go in waves, so when things are in a different situation with the economy and other things, you tend to see two or three more tracks going at once,” he explained.

Elsewhere in NASCAR, France revealed that the sport is in talks and negotiations with some possible companies that can take over Sprint entitlement sponsorship of NASCAR’s top division. The company will only remain a sponsor until the end of 2016. France said they now have some companies in a short list.

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