NASCAR Should Consider Tesla, Says Bill Nye ‘The Science Guy’

NASCAR Should Consider Tesla, Says Bill Nye ‘The Science Guy’

If Bill Nye had his way, NASCAR would embrace technology and race electric cars. “The Science Guy” even made his case using Tesla.


Bill Nye “The Science Guy” is no stranger to racing. He has southern roots after all, with his mom born in North Carolina and the rest of the family raised in Danville, Virginia. The races are a big deal and the shortest track on the NASCAR circuit is nearby. Sure, he understands the heart-pounding excitement of cars and seeing them run insanely fast. He gets that part, but what he doesn’t get is why the famous motorsport is “celebrating a very old transportation technology of yesterday.”

Therein lies Nye’s frustration as an engineer. “The Science Guy” dreams of smart and efficient transportation, one that burns less gasoline and moves on electrons. He envisions a world where an entire fleet of ground transportation runs on motors with batteries that store energy. And he argues it would just not help stop burning fossil fuel. These vehicles would also be a thrill in the racing circuit.

Nye wants everyone (NASCAR, especially) to look closer at Tesla and its Model-S (sedan). “The Science Guy” reckons that this Tesla model can easily match up to a typical NASCAR-ready race car. The race car would typically produce as much as 540 ft-pounds (730 Newton-metres) of torque. Meanwhile, the Tesla Model-S can give 713 ft-lbs (970 N-m) of torque even when pulled straight out from the showroom. At the same time, Nye also says a Tesla Model S can also compete with James Bond’s cars. The Aston Martin DB10 used in the Bond film “Spectre” can reportedly go from 0 to 60 in 3.1 seconds. Meanwhile, a stock Tesla Model S can go from 0 to 60 in just 2.8 seconds, making the electric car a clear winner. Moreover, Tesla cars were not really designed for racing, but the manufacturer can likely design something for the circuit in three years.

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And in case NASCAR is worried about what to call its sport if it decides to go electric, Nye already thought about a new name for the famous motorsport. How’s NESCAR, or National Electric Stock Car Racing?