NASA Cover Up? ISS Live Stream Shut Down For Good After UFO Sightings?

NASA Cover Up? ISS Live Stream Shut Down For Good After UFO Sightings?
NASA cover up Mat Hampson / Flickr cc
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NASA cover up of strange objects hovering over the earth’s atmosphere created quite a stir within the community of conspiracy theorists. But the US space agency’s decision to discontinue International Space Station live streaming fueled one of the biggest controversies ever.


Conspiracy theorists are certain that the NASA cover up attempt aims to shield the possibilities of UFO sightings by the general public. NASA allegedly took the decision after UFO hunters spotted strange objects in live streams and made the videos public, making suggestions that the objects could be alien spaceships.

Express UK reported that NASA, along with the world governments, are carefully protecting the truth about alien visits in fear of disrupting the rule of law and the foundation of religion. The UFO hunters also accused NASA of regularly cutting off live feeds every time a UFO appears.

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Scott C. Warring of the UFO Sightings Daily backed up the claims by the conspiracy theorists saying that NASA is shutting down the live feeds because if people learn that aliens exist then there would no longer be any need for the agency.

“I can see why NASA would want to shut the live feed down,” he wrote in his blog.  “It is teaching the public that aliens exist, and if the public learns that, then NASA is no longer needed. You learning about aliens is not what they want to happen. So, they are shutting down the live cams again.”

He added, “I guess the $20 monthly internet charge is to high for them? Or perhaps those two seven million dollar HD cameras on the space station are really for spying on other countries instead of searching for life?”

YouTube user Streetcap1 recently uploaded a footage where a large golden UFO appeared above the earth’s atmosphere before NASA cut off the transmissions from the cameras aboard the International Space Station. Earlier in July, another video claimed that NASA stopped live streaming after a UFO emerged, the Mail Online reported.

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