Nancy O’Dell, Keith Zubchevich Split: Donald Trump, Billy Bush Conversation Led To Breakup?

Nancy O’Dell, Keith Zubchevich Split: Donald Trump, Billy Bush Conversation Led To Breakup?
Nancy O’Dell, Donald Trump, Billy Bush NBCU CES/ Flickr cc

The confirmation that Nancy O’Dell and husband Keith Zubchevich have already split may have come as a surprise to many.


Having learned of their separation at the height of another controversy involving Donald Trump and Billy Bush, several people might have thought that dragging her name into the issue could have been the culprit.

Did they break up because he learned that the 70-year-old Presidential aspirant tried, at one point in his life, to get extra intimate with the former “Access Hollywood” host?

Nancy O’Dell, now host of “Entertainment Tonight,” has never addressed yet her reported split from Keith Zubchevich.

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Based on the report from Fox News, it was someone privy of the situation who gave a narration of what happened, and not the couple, or at least the 50-year-old TV personality.

“Nancy filed for legal separation in early September,” the unnamed insider reportedly shared. “It’s very amicable and they talk every day.”

Despite what happened, Nancy O’Dell and Keith Zubchevich are still on good terms especially that “Their main priority is their three children.”

Last week, a leaked video of a 2005 interview showed the Republican Presidential candidate and Billy Bush exchanging “lewd comments” about two women. A few days ago, it was learned that one of them happened to be the talk show host.

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She then issued a statement condemning the act.

“The conversation needs to change because no female, no person, should be the subject of such crass comments, whether or not cameras are rolling,” she said.

Following the couple’s split, a number of people have possibly surmised that the controversial interview video could have affected their relationship.

However, Gossip Cop emphasized that the controversy “has nothing to do” with the estranged couple’s decision.

The insider further disclosed that “It’s been a hell of a few days” for Nancy O’Dell and Keith Zubchevich, who share one daughter together, nine-year-old Ashby. The tech firm executive has two sons from previous marriage.

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