Nancy O’Dell Controversy: TV Host To Blast Donald Trump In Entertainment Tonight On Monday?

Nancy O’Dell Controversy: TV Host To Blast Donald Trump In Entertainment Tonight On Monday?
Nancy O’Dell fashionable
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For the past few months after filing his candidacy,  a number of articles on Donald Trump have been making rounds. Just yesterday, the internet went wild after Trump and Billy Bush’s malicious and vulgar conversation leaked online. The recording reportedly took place in a bathroom in 2005.


As stated in Just Jared, the presidential candidate, despite being married that time, was bragging his skills when it comes to getting women instantly. Trump vividly narrated how he teased a hot and popular TV host he referred as Nancy.

“I moved on her and I failed, I’ll admit it. I did try and f*ck her. She was married,” the Republican presidential candidate says in the video, “You know I’m automatically attracted to beautiful, I just start kissing them. It’s like a magnet. Just kiss. I don’t even wait. And when you’re a star, they let you do it. You can do anything. Grab them by the pu**y, you can do anything.”

Turns out that the girl he was ranting about was none other than Nancy O’Dell.

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NBC’s Billy Bush was not spared from the sensitive dispute. A formal letter was out today, stating that Bush is currently suspended from all TV activities until further investigations is done.

Noah Oppenheim states, “There is simply no excuse for Billy’s language and behavior on that tape, NBC has decided to suspend Billy, pending further review of this matter.”

The Entertainment Tonight muse have already spoken regarding this matter. According to O’Dell, “Politics aside, I’m saddened that these comments still exist in our society at all. When I heard the comments yesterday, it was disappointing to hear such objectification of women.”

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She ends the statement with a powerful message, “Everyone deserves respect no matter the setting or gender. As a woman who has worked very hard to establish her career, and as a mom, I feel I must speak out with the hope that as a society we will always strive to be better.”

Nancy O’Dell is set to host Entertainment Tonight on Monday and everyone is curious on how the TV personality will address this rage.

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