Mysterious Facebook Bug That Deletes Post Frustrates Users

Mysterious Facebook Bug That Deletes Post Frustrates Users
Facebook Logo at Macbook Acid Pix/Flickr CC BY 2.0
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Millions of Facebook users had their posts and links deleted from their profiles. According to The Verge, a Facebook bug attack is to be blamed for the mysterious removal of posts that started Thursday evening.


The issue was first noticed on the image scraping tool that automatically attaches pictures on each post.

A Facebook spokesperson said, “An error in our system that helps block bad links on Facebook incorrectly marked some URLs as malicious or inappropriate. As a result, some existing posts were hidden, while other posts were blocked completely.”

The problem has been resolved Friday morning.

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Facebook users who got their posts deleted brought out their frustration through Twitter. In most cases, they got the message: “The content you’re trying to share contains a link that our security system detected to be unsafe… please remove the link to continue.”

People are not sure if the bug was a way of Facebook telling people what is “okay” and what is not. However, it has been confirmed by the company that the issue is temporary.