Muslims In America No Longer Safe?

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What's This?

Here, we highlight five different instances of hate crimes against Muslims in America within a week.


Owner to client: ‘Death to Muslims’ 

Earlier this week, Aaditya Shah, a resident of Washington, was merely looking to get a paint job. He contacted a popular painting company that goes by the name The owner of the company harassed the client before sending him the following text messages: “Death to Muslims” and “get out of my country b*tch.” Shah isn’t even Muslim.

In fact, the owner proceeded to threaten a journalist covering the dispute for DCist. Shah reportedly told the owner that he is not Muslim, but “a big brown guy with a beard.”

As of Thursday,’s website was no longer active. Police are investigating the incident.

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On a nightly basis, Texans smash windows of family

A Muslim family in Plano, Texas, has had rocks smashed through their windows last week.

The family moved to Plano just six weeks ago. Needless to say, the homeowner is terrified. “More than the damage — it’s not the window — it’s the terrifying factor of it. It is them trying to terrorize us or scare us. The kids are scared to go up or down alone. You move into a neighborhood thinking, expecting. This is just unfortunate and scary.”

Innocent Vikings fan harassed at a ball game

It was Deepinder Mayell’s first Minnesota Vikings game, and first NFL game in general.

Having a jolly good time at the game, Mayell was approached by a man who “demanded” to know if he was a refugee. Mayell wrote in Star Tribune of his harrowing experience: “What I didn’t expect was for a man to push aside other people and point his finger in my face, demanding to know if I was a refugee. He needed to make sure I wasn’t a refugee, he said. There was anger in his face and vehemence in his accusation.”

New York shop owner viciously beaten

Last Saturday, Sarker Haque, 53, a store owner from Astoria, Queens, was viciously beaten in broad daylight by a man who reportedly told him, “I’ll kill Muslims.”

A customer who witnessed the assault pinned down the attacker, a man identified later as Piro Kolvani. Another customer called the police, who arrived and arrested Kolvani.

Haque was rushed to the hospital after suffering a dislocated hand, beside severe bruises.

Woman attacks Muslims, throws coffee in their faces

The incident occurred on December 7 at a park in California. Rasheed Albeshari was praying with a group of fellow Muslims when Denise Slader approached them and started screaming. “After praying, this lady approached us and started yelling at us that we’re brainwashed for believing in Allah, ‘Allah is evil’ she said,” Albeshari wrote on Facebook. “I started video taping her, I, also, was hit by an umbrella before taking a shower of coffee right on my face.” (Watch Video Above)

This Huffingpost article lists 59 incidents of hate crimes against Muslims in America. Use the hashtag ‪#‎Islamophobia‬ to tweet more reported hate crimes against Muslims.