San Jose Serial Killer? ‘Sorry, My First Kill Was Clumsy’

San Jose Serial Killer? ‘Sorry, My First Kill Was Clumsy’
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A couple from San Jose, California was murdered Sunday afternoon. But what makes this murder case eerie was the chilling message that the perpetrator or perpetrators have left at the crime scene. Could this be a case of a serial killer?


Last Sunday, the quite neighborhood of Quimby in San Jose, was in shock after the bodies of couple Shamina Rabbi, 57 and her husband Golam Rabbi, 59, were found lifeless in their residence at the 3000 block of Lucas Court.

According to a report from the Los Angeles Times, citing reports from local police, both of the victims’ bodies sustained at least one fatal shot. The police have made no arrest in connection with the incidents. The motive of the killings remained unknown either as of this writing.

What the authorities have recovered was much more chilling: a note from the suspect. Based on a report from the KGO-TV News, the unidentified suspect has left a note which read: “Sorry, my first kill was clumsy.”

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Witnesses who have spoken with NBC said the chilling apology was written on the floor. The killer wrote in a big black magic marker.

The couple, were natives of Bangladesh who migrated to work and settle down in the US. Shamina worked as an accountant, while her husband was an engineer. The couple, who were known a volunteer in their Islamic community, left behind two sons, 17 and 23 year-olds.

The entire Islamic community in San Jose, who know the couple, was in a state of shock upon knowing the tragic fate of the Rabbi couple. The entire neighborhood was also mourning the death of the peace-loving couple, who hasn’t been involved in any altercations with anyone in the community.

“We are surprised that they are no longer with us and especially going away in such a manner is something we just can’t come to grips with,” Faisal Yazadi, member of the Evergreen Islamic Center in San Jose was quoted as saying by the KGO-TV news.

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