‘The Mummy’ Reboot Casts Tom Cruise, Jake Johnson

‘The Mummy’ Reboot Casts Tom Cruise, Jake Johnson
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Zooey Deschanel may be the “New Girl” in the TV series, but her ex’s actor, Jake Johnson, is the new guy for the upcoming “The Mummy” reboot. In fact, Tom Cruise will play the lead role and Annabelle Wallis will be Cruise’s lead partner.


Jake Johnson began to get recognized in Hollywood due to his lead role in “New Girl.” While his role in the series is busy flirting with Megan Fox’s character, he’s expected to play a different role in the upcoming “The Mummy” reboot.

According to Hollywood Reporter, Johnson’s role will be different from who he is in “New Girl.” He is said to play a military man, like Tom Cruise’s role.

In other news, Cinema Blend also claims that Annabelle Wallis will also join Johnson in “The Mummy” reboot. It is said that she would play alongside Cruise as the female lead role, who is an archaeologist in the franchise.

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Three months ago, Variety reports that film organizers recently cast Tom Cruise to play the lead role in the upcoming film. Moreover, it was specified that the latest installment of “The Mummy” franchise will have a different twist from the others before it, wherein the title character will be that of a female rather than the usual male. Furthermore, it was also revealed that the title character would be portrayed by none other than Sofia Boutella, reports Cinema Blend.

“The Mummy” reboot will showcase a story in modern times wherein Tom Cruise will play a special forces soldier and Annabelle Wallis, a scientist.

Universal Studios has lodged Alex Kurtzman to direct the movie, while Chris Morgan and Sean Daniel will be the show’s producers.

“The Mummy” reboot will start filming this April and will release in theaters in June 9, 2017.