Mt Everest Avalanche Trapped Mountaineers With Few Food And Fuel Left

Mt Everest Avalanche Trapped Mountaineers With Few Food And Fuel Left
Himalaya, Nepal (front page Explore)

Mountain climbers who camping in Mt Everest found themselves trapped with no way down.


A magnitude-7.8 hit the central regions of Nepal, devastating the coutry’s capital, Kathmandu, killing over 3,800 people and injuring 1,000 others.

After the quake, a series of avalanches hit Mt Everest, killing at least 18 people in areas near one base camp alone.

“Nothing like this has happened before at Everest base camp,” Lakpa Rita said in a phone interview by The New York Times.

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VIDEO: Terrifying Moments Before A Mt Everest Avalanche Hits Base Camp


In another report by ABC News, a group of mountaineers successfully made it to Camp 2 after the avalanche, but soon found themselves with no other way down. The route they were thinking of passing was already destroyed.

“We have been up here at Camp 2 hanging tough but we are running low on food and fuel and we have to get down. There’s no path or route through the Khumbu icefall at this point in time. The teams that have tried to make their way through the icefall today were unsuccessful and it will not be attempting again in the future. So at this point our only option to get down is by helicopter evacuation” Garrett Madison, from one of the mountaineering compnies on top the the mountain during the avalanche said in the interview.


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As of press time, 20 stranded climbers have been evacuated on Monday with 60 more on Sunday.