‘Mr. Robot’ Season 2: Esmail Tight-Lipped About What’s Next For The Show

‘Mr. Robot’ Season 2: Esmail Tight-Lipped About What’s Next For The Show

After the success of the first season of “Mr. Robot,” the next season is surely going to become bigger. However, the team seems to be tight-lipped about the storyline even after it has been confirmed that the series has been renewed for a second season.


It was revealed by creator Sam Esmail during the airing of the first season that “Mr. Robot” was originally conceived as a screenplay. The total of the first season is only the first 30 minutes of the whole script. The storyline is about what happens after Elliot comes to know that “Mr. Robot” is only his alter ego.

The similarity in the plot of the series and the famous story of “Fight Club,” written by Chuck Palahniuk, has been a point of controversy, but the next part of the TV series plan to delve into the section where “Fight Club” ended, or how Elliot deals with his alter ego after discovering him.

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As revealed by Portia Doubleday, the second season is going to be really dark. Carly Chaikin, playing the role of Darlene, Elliot’s sister, also revealed that “Mr. Robot” Season 2 will show how the FSociety is put back together.

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Esmail hardly dropped hints about the next season that can help us arrive at interesting Mr Robot season 2 spoilers. However, no matter how tight-lipped Esmail is about revealing the plot of the storyline to fans, he never keeps the cast and crew of the show in the dark till the last moment.