Mr. Fuji Cause Of Death: Remembering The Great Japanese Wrestler, A Hall Of Famer

Mr. Fuji Cause Of Death: Remembering The Great Japanese Wrestler, A Hall Of Famer
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The WWE world lost a great legend last weekend with the passing of Mr. Fuji. Also known in real life as Harry Fujiwara, he was one of the greatest heel personalities in World Wrestling Entertainment.


The fact that many hated him on-screen was proof that he was one of the accomplished legends in the business. He wrestled and managed wrestlers successfully, leaving a mark that is worth remembering.

The WWE Hall of Famer died at the age of 82 with the actual reason of death undisclosed. Just the same, folks who were around back in the 80s until his managerial roles in the 90s will always remember perhaps the greatest Japanese wrestler to appear in the WWE scene.

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The Mourning Stars

The WWE is saddened but so are the ones who were under and against him. Twitter saw a big outpouring for the WWE icon, such as Mick Foley and Triple H.

Moving forward, it remains to be seen if there would be someone capable of duplicating Fuji’s accomplishment in the WWE. But if ever there is, he has a long road ahead to improve on the wrestler to manager role the ‘devious’ one was able to achieve.

Hulk Hogan Recalls ‘The Rib’ of Mr. Fuji.

In an interview with Eric Bischoff, Hulk Hogan recalls Mr. Fuji well. Everyone knows how the two were on opposite sides on screen but the relationship was different off the cameras.

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Among the fondest memories that Hogan had included a celebrated ‘rib of all ribs’.

“Fuji and The Samoans liked to bar-b-que. It was some type of dish. I don’t know if it was a stew or whatever it was. After all the boys had eaten Fuji came out and had the head of the cat that was in the stew. All hell broke loose. I’m so glad I wasn’t around for that. I did not see it,” Hogan recalled.

Most of the people who worked alongside will likely have their own share of memories particularly the ones who he worked with. That includes George “The Animal” Steele, Kamala, Killer Khan, Demolition, The Powers of Pain, Yokozuna and most notably, “Magnificent” Don Muraco.

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