Mozilla Starts Featuring Humble Bundle Games in Its Start Page

Mozilla Starts Featuring Humble Bundle Games in Its Start Page

mozilla Mozilla Starts Featuring Humble Bundle Games in Its Start PageYou might be startled by the new look of your Mozilla browser. The start page may now feature an 8-bit look logo, which is actually a prelude to some indie games that can be played directly through Firefox.


The games use asm.js technology and do not require plugins or Flash to be played. Those are also part of a two-week promo that is rolled out by Humble Bundle, a game distributor.

Those would work just on any type of modern Web browser. But apparently, those would be best if opened and played on Firefox. Moreover, Humble Bundle has also integrated it with cloud syncing so that players can opt to continue any game or continue playing using any PC.

Play with Mozilla

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To enjoy the feature, users are advised to first set their Mozilla home pages to default setting, By doing so, they could make the Humble Bundle preview set above the search bar. Instantly, users can try out the demo versions and even put price and name options per game.

The game developer has had several experiences working with it. Humble Bundle surely aims to optimize its games for the Web. The company believes that the online media could be an ideal destination for Web games as well as for different money making opportunities and activities for game developers like itself.

Giving to charity

Mozilla noted the new method used by Humble Bundle to match its games with many players. It packages ts titles in bundles to allow users to have more options in paying any amount for particular or short duration of try outs.

Moreover, users and players could even specify how much they want to allocate for the game developer and for a corresponding charity. Of course, Humble Bundle also needs to generate income for developing and rolling out the games.

To date, the game development firm has generated up to $46 million of fund for charity. It did not specify though how much it has generated so far for itself. But it is actively finding many effective strategies and ways to reach out to more online players.