Mozilla Releases First Preview Of Firefox For iOS In New Zealand

Mozilla Releases First Preview Of Firefox For iOS In New Zealand
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Mozilla has released its first public preview of Firefox for iOS in New Zealand. Mozilla also hopes to release the original version by the end of 2015.


Mozilla expects that its Firefox browser for iOS would boost overall mobile traffic share. Firefox browser is available for Android devices for quite a long time, but it is unable to attain much traffic because of widely used browsers like Google Chrome and Apple’s Safari, reports PC World as per data from StatCounter.

Web browsers like Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox are beaten lately by Google Chrome and Safari. Use of Firefox browser in mobile as well as in computers has declined largely in recent years, shows statistics in W3counter.

Firefox had to retool its backend in order to create a browser compatible for Apple’s iOS since Apple’s App Store supports software compatible for Apple’s rendering as far as JavaScript engines are concerned.

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It is to be noted that Mozilla previously rejected the idea of building browsers for iOS but reconsidered the mission as iPhones became extremely popular in recent years. The company also conducted beta tests of Firefox in iOS in May, reported The Verge.

The company announced on Thursday that the Firefox preview for iOS is conducted in New Zealand and is expecting to make the browser available for use in many countries in the near future.

Mozilla announced in its blog spot that “Our goal is to create a great browsing experience for iOS with Firefox. With this first public preview we will be collecting feedback in one country, before we extend availability to get feedback in a few more countries prior to a full public launch.”

The company added, “Feedback from this preview release will help us build new features and bring Firefox for iOS to the App Store in rest of the world later this year.”