Move Over Taylor Swift, These Triplets Have The Best BFFs Ever

Move Over Taylor Swift, These Triplets Have The Best BFFs Ever
IMAGE CREDIT – Martha Sugalski Facebook

A video of an incredible friendship between three sanitation crews and triplets has taken over the internet by storm. Less than a month after it was posted on Facebook, the video has already reached more than 33 million views and still counting.


Martha Sugalski, the triplets’ mother, posted the video on her Facebook account, which to many, appears to be a video that demonstrates the innocence of kiddos and the genuine kindness from three garbage men.

The video shows how the triplets Heaton, Wilder, and Holden can’t hide their excitement every time the garbage truck comes by every Tuesday and Friday for their “garbs day.”

Unlike ordinary kids, garbs day for the two-year-old triplets is a day to have a quick bond with their guys, who the kids fondly call Mr. Chad, Mr. Rob, and Mr. Andrew.

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Sugalski, a news anchor at WFTV, told Inside Edition that the kids look forward to days they get to see their friends. But unlike in previous reports, which say the sanitary guys are the kids’ new friends, it’s technically inaccurate as the men have been friends with the kids when they were only months old, as shown in the documentation of Sugalski.

Since then, the triplets and the garbage men have developed a special friendship that simply touched millions of hearts all over the world.

“These guys are hard at work and the fact that they take the time to stop and catch up. They do such a good job, and they take such pride in their work. It’s really just developed into a friendship. We care about these guys,” Sugalski told Inside Edition.

Apart from their bonding with the kids, which usually lasts around 10-15 minutes, the triplets’ mother usually checked on the guys’ personal lives each time they meet.

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