Moto X Pure Edition Vs. One Plus 2 – Battle Of The Cams

Moto X Pure Edition Vs. One Plus 2 – Battle Of The Cams

Moto X Pure Edition vs. One Plus 2 – which smartphone is a better camera phone? Read on to make a better choice.

Camera is one of the first features we consider while buying a smartphone today. Let’s compare the cameras of two excellent devices available today – One Plus 2 and Moto X Pure Edition, so that if you are buying a phone with photography in mind, you know which gadget to go for.


When compared to other devices, Motorola is not considered to be a great phone in terms of camera, but that perception about the brand may change with Moto X Pure Edition. If you take pictures, you will notice that at many places, the image quality is almost the same with both devices. At times, you may notice that One Plus 2 does a better job; other times you will feel that Moto X Pure Edition delivers better results.

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Moto X Pure Edition has a Night Mode, its job to deliver noise-free results even in low light. Is this feature up to mark? Sorry to say that it is not! While shooting in night mode, just like any other camera, the low light gives grainy images. But still it does a better job than One Plus 2.

When it comes to poor light conditions, One Plus 2 delivers images that look good to the eyes. This means overall quality is better than that of Moto X Pure Edition, but when it comes to the detailing of the same images, the latter wins. Zoom the images and you will notice that One Plus 2 images are pixelated while you can easily see details of the images shot with Moto X Pure Edition.

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Now, let’s shift our focus to the “focus.” One Plus 2 masters the art of capturing details while shooting an overall scene. So if there are many things in one picture, One Plus 2 will be a smart choice.

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The Verdict: If you are not much into photography because you use your smartphone camera to shoot personal photos, go for One Plus 2, as the camera is designed to deliver visually appealing pictures. But if you are looking to take pictures of images placed evenly in a background, then Moto X Pure Edition will be a better choice.