Moto 360 Sport: Everything You Need To Know About The New Moto 360 Watch

Moto 360 Sport: Everything You Need To Know About The New Moto 360 Watch
Motorola Moto 360 _ 8 TechStage / Flickr CC BY-ND 2.0
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Moto 360 is one of the popular smartwatches available today. After two Moto 360 watches (2014 and 2015), Motorola has announced a new Moto 360 watch, the Moto 360 Sport. Read on to know more about Moto 360 Sport price, specs and features.


Smartwatches cannot be compared to smartphones in any way. If people move to smaller screens, they would be going back to days when cellphone screens used to be small rectangles. Brands have accepted this and are implementing new strategy for smartwatches. They are trying to bring features of a phone to the watch, but they are now more focused towards making it a fitness band.

Moto 360 Sport is a new addition. It is safe to say that this watch is designed for fitness freaks. Shedding some light on the watch, Motorola said that this watch is “designed to give the training information you need without having to bring your phone on a run.” The look of Moto 360 Sport is not different than other Moto smartwatches. This new Moto 360 watch comes in red, black and white, and sports a silicone rubber strap. With built-in GPS, this smartwatch lets you track your run and provides you details like distance, speed, and pace. AnyLight hybrid display makes it easier to use this watch even outdoors. The watch dons an LCD display that has brought together traditional backlit transmissive screen and front lit reflective technology.

Commenting on the display, the brand said, “Moto 360 Sport can switch between the two modes based on the lighting conditions to ensure you have the best experience, regardless if you are in a dark theatre or out on a run during the day.”

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According to PC Advisor, Moto 360 Sport will cost you $299. In the UK, it will be priced at £219. It will be released on December 18 in France and UK. If you are in the U.S., you will be able to buy this new Moto 360 watch on December 7. It will be available on Motorola’s website.