Mother Teresa: Miracles, Poems, Quotes And More Facts About The Saint of The Missionaries of Charity

Mother Teresa: Miracles, Poems, Quotes And More Facts About The Saint of The Missionaries of Charity
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For decades Mother Teresa of Calcutta has dedicated her life to serving the poorest of the poor. But what do we know about the famous Albanian nun and her deeds that put her on the road to sainthood?


Aside from her charitable works, she was also known for her written work or at least her quotes. This is especially true with her so called “do it anyway” poem/prayer.

Interestingly, while the poem is commonly associated with her, she herself did not write its words. That honor goes to a man named Kent M. Keith, who called them “the Paradoxical Commandments.”

Keith revealed that his words became associated with recently canonized nun when she posted a version of the poem on the wall of children’s home in Calcutta. This was mentioned in a book about her and as they say, the rest is history.

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But neither beautiful words nor humanitarian work alone are not enough to make her a candidate for sainthood. According to the Catholic Church to become a saint, two miracles need to be credited to a person.

According to Heavy, the Albanian nun apparently met these qualifications by healing two people from what seemed to be serious, possible even fatal ailments. So who are these two people that proved pivotal in her canonization?

The Miracles Of Mother Teresa

First is a Bengali woman named Monica Besra, who says the nun healed her from a stomach tumor. Besra was so sick she could barely walk when the nuns from the Missionaries of Charity helped her to a small prayer room back in 1998.

She paused by a photo of Mother Teresa and suddenly felt a blinding light emanating from the image. According to her, the light passed through her body and she woke up the next morning with the lump gone.

The second was a Brazilian man who claimed he was cured from a viral brain infection by the nun. Marcilio Andrino is an engineer, who was sick for two years before it was discovered he had eight brain abscesses.

Andrino and his wife asked for her intercession and placed her relic on his head. He was later healed after he was rushed into intensive care surgery.

Miracle or not, her actions during her time in Calcutta embody the spirit of Jesus who taught his followers to care for the poor. The sainthood of Mother Teresa is an inspiration to Christians and all of humanity.

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