Donald Trump Tax Fraud: Accountant Jack Mitnick Claims Republican Bet Faked His Signature, Evade Taxes

Donald Trump could be in trouble after the New York Times revealed that the nominee could have avoided federal income taxes. Jack Mitnick, a lawyer and former accountant for Trump claims that the billionaire businessman cheated the government out of millions for almost two decades. The previously unknown 80-year old quickly rose to fame after revealing [...]

WW3 Scenario: Pentagon Starts War, US Threatens Russia

Tensions have never been higher between the United States and Russia as talks for peace and cooperation seemed to have gotten out the window. Russia just accused US of threatening its national security while Pentagon has reportedly started a subtle war in Syria. Is time for another world war? Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov recently declared [...]

Illuminati in Texas? Guess Who Got Invited?

The internet has been filled with theories and discussions about the Illuminati. As the buzz around the group seeking "New World Older" continues, Morning News USA got a taste of what it's like to be part of the bubble. The publication just received an invitation to join the said group but what’s the real score? A [...]

WW3 Scenario: Russia’s A2/AD Scares NATO, US to Stop World War

Many nations have expressed their concern over the rising military capabilities of Russia. In fact, its hybrid warfare and anti-access, area-denial (A2/AD) capabilities have started rattling leaders including NATO. Can Russia really conquer the world in the next world war? Russia has been dubbed as an emerging threat particularly by NATO and the United States. Ever [...]

Hillary Clinton’s Eyes Not In-Sync, Helped Up Stairs By Secret Service

Hillary Clinton's health is still a topic of concern. During a speech in Philadelphia, she showed mysterious eye movements. During the final weeks of this year’s presidential campaign, the former First Lady's eye movements suddenly drew attention on Monday.According to The American Mirror, Clinton’s eyes did not appear in-sync with one another. Her left eye appeared to be [...]

Ricky Vaughn Detained? Here’s What We Know So Far

Several Twitter users are criticizing the micro-blogging site Twitter for suspending the account of a man known as Ricky Vaughn. While it isn’t his real name, the individual’s Twitter account has become massively popular in recent months. Following the suspension of his account, hashtag #FreeRicky became trending on Twitter.Vaughn is a supporter of Republican presidential nominee [...]