More On #ALDUB, The Philippines’ Power Sweethearts

More On #ALDUB, The Philippines’ Power Sweethearts
Aldub screenshot from Eat Bulaga

Morning News USA previously reported about the hashtag #ALDUB that regularly trends on Twitter. The hashtag was born out of conjugating the names of the hottest onscreen couple the Philippines has today.


Showbiz couple Maine Mendoza and Alden Richards have achieved international popularity, hence the regularly top-trending hashtag on Twitter (click to find out more).

The tandem did it again with the hashtag #ALDUBRoadToForever trending worldwide on Twitter Monday. This time, the hashtag refers to an event with Mendoza and Richards to be held on Saturday, Oct. 24, 2015. TicketWorld, responsible for selling tickets for the event, announced on Oct. 17 that ALDUB tickets broke its record for having the highest amount of first day ticket sales. Tickets were sold-out the next day.

The event will be held at the Philippine Arena, a 140-hectare multipurpose indoor arena that has a maximum sitting capacity of 55,000 people. It is the world’s largest indoor arena.

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Mendoza’s Twitter profile has become one of the fastest-growing celebrity profiles on Twitter worldwide, according to Socialbakers, a provider of social media analytics. Mendoza, popularly known to Filipino fans as Yaya Dub, trends along with celebrity Taylor Swift, Katy Perry, Ellen Degeneres and Jimmy Fallon. The Filipina sweetheart earned 1.07 million followers on Twitter in September alone. Swift had 1.31 million, Perry with 1.26 million, DeGeneres with 1.1 million and Fallon with 1.04 million.

On Oct. 19, 2015, Mendoza already had 2.11 million followers on Twitter. Richards, on the other hand, has 2.18 million Twitter followers.

Both their Twitter profiles had already been verified with a blue check from Twitter. The blue check is placed next to a username on Twitter to show that it is a legitimate source of tweets from the person whose name appears on the account.


  • andrei

    thank u for that article … ALDUb here in the philippines is such a PHENOMENON …. excited for the PHILIPPINE arena concert of them,

  • strawberry cake

    Thanks Morning News USA for recognizing our dearest Love team in the Philippines! ^-^

  • Endangered Species

    phenomenal it is!! hooray! 😀

  • Marcelino Michael

    I’m proud I’m part of this thing. hehe first time . =))

  • Good angle for a story. Thanks LJ.

    • Rrhecy Yam

      Actually, VIP & GOLD tickets were sold out minutes after the announcement that causes the ticketworld website crashed down, and broke the record of first day sales but ticketworld itself cleared that all tickets wasn’t sold out yet..after 2 hours the said event garnered 33million ticket sale.. and after 2 days the tickets were officially sold out

  • BatangKayumanggi

    You are doing the right thing Morning News USA! If you want more traffic to your website, feature aldub everyday. And if you want it to to explode, wait on Saturday, 24th of October, for they might break their tweet records of 25.6 millions. Goodluck!

  • kikay

    Wrong info. Tickets weren’t sold out in 30mins. They got the highest amount of first day tickets sales. Tickets were sold out yesterday.

  • lowkeyfangirl

    Also, another thing that is worth mentionting, 100 % of the proceeds from the ticket sales will be used for charity. Eat bulaga has decided to use the money to build ALDUB libraries all over the country.

  • garfieldz17

    thank you so much Morning News USA for the articles about our ALDUB

  • panda

    Let’s not forget the cause behind the event 🙂 All ticket sales (100%) will be used to build (AlDub) libraries all over the Philippines.

    • Hal Jordan

      AlDub School Libraries to be exact.

  • carla

    aldub nation appreciate this very much….hope more to come

  • Galitsa_umeepal

    Only 3 letters to describe the tandem. “WOW”

  • Nikie | 박정수♥

    Thank you, Morning News USA. We appreciate all the AlDub articles. Lots of love from the Philippines. <3

  • Bambhie

    Aldub is making history