Special Report: More Illegal Immigrants Attempt To Enter UK, Arrests By Dover Police Increase

Special Report: More Illegal Immigrants Attempt To Enter UK, Arrests By Dover Police Increase
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The number of arrests or detention made against illegal immigrants by Dover Police rose to 563 from 148 in 2013, BBC Radio news said.


News that around 563 illegal immigrants were held in captivity last year emerged after it was reported that a handful of migrants sought to enter through the Calais terminal of Channel Tunnel.

The Home Office has been providing funds to strengthen the security and many crossing tryouts were thwarted. BBC reports that 46 illegal immigrants were apprehended or detained at Dover from January to April this year. Port of Dover is among the primary access points of Britain.

Immigration problem has become a global one as people from war-torn and impoverished countries braved the perils of the ocean to seek refuge from rich countries, which ultimately declined them.

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In the latest report from UNHCR, around 59.5 million people were forcibly displaced by end of 2014, but the sudden rise in the number of displaced individuals began in 2013, although the 2011 war in Syria caused the biggest single displacement.

Inhumane treatment

In a separate report from University of Toronto, it was disclosed that Canada Border Services Agency has been treating non-citizens like “animals” and “garbage” or “something less than human” as many of them were detained despite not having any criminal records.

According to the study, the non-citizens were detained with maximum security for their mental condition.

Down under in Australia, Prime Minister Tony Abbott made it a government policy to refuse asylum to anybody who reaches Australia by boat. The Prime Minister has been in controversy a few times this year for his opinion on immigration. Of late, news that some custom officials gave $5,000 each to crewmembers of a boat sparked criticisms from local and abroad. Mr. Abbott defended the officials’ act, saying he will stop the boat “by hook or by crook.”

Australian PM Says He Will Block Boats ‘By Hook or By Crook’

According to BBC, an estimated 3,000 migrants set up camps at the “Jungle II” close to the Port of Calais. The displaced individuals came from as far as Eritrea, Afghanistan and Syria.

In June this year, it was reported that hundreds of migrants attempted to board UK-bound lorries despite the chaos from strike.