More ‘Aylan Kurdi’ Turn Up Dead Off Greek Islands

More ‘Aylan Kurdi’ Turn Up Dead Off Greek Islands

Young migrant children as young as one-year-old continue to turn up dead off the Greek islands where Aylan Kurdi was found. The latest incident was a boat sinking off on Wednesday due to cruel winds and weather. (Who is Aylan Kurdi?)


Three bodies of children, aged 1-4 years old and an adult male was recovered by Greek authorities, NBC reported. Ten children were able to receive CPR on the shore of Lesbos. It is not clear whether the kids survived.

Four adults were dead and 38 more were missing from Wednesday’s tragedy as reported by Greek Reporter. The wooden boat that sunk was transporting as many as 300 refugees. Greek coast guard immediately responded and was able to rescue 242 people. One girl aged 5 years old was rescued but died immediately at the hospital. Eighteen children survived and are currently recovering at the hospital. More recued migrants were brought at the Mytilene hospital while nearby ports were converted to outdoor hospitals for those who needed immediate medical attention.

Meanwhile, more migrants continue to arrive at the islands. On Thursday alone there were as many as 5,000 refugees who arrived.

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Before the Wednesday’s tragedy another boat sunk on Oct. 17 were four more children died. They were traveling on a rubber boat with 17 people including a smuggler, the Greek Reporter said in a separate report. This tragedy took the lives of three girls aged 7, 10 and 16 and a boy aged 5. A one-year-old baby is still missing. The mother of the five-year-old boy is still in a state of shock.