Mom Kills 5-year-old: Photos Of Nakesha Carrere & Abigail Creamer In Thibodaux Murder-Suicide

Mom Kills 5-year-old: Photos Of Nakesha Carrere & Abigail Creamer In Thibodaux Murder-Suicide
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The quiet city of Thibodaux in Louisiana was shaken on Sunday when a father found the body of his five-year-old daughter alongside his wife in what local police believe was a murder-suicide case.


Reports from Thibodaux Sheriff’s office, as reported by the Houma Today, identified the two as five-year-old Abigail Creamer and her mother Nakesha Carrere, 26. According to the report, the mother and daughter both sustained by single gunshot wounds in the head, which immediately caused their death.

Thibodaux Sheriff Craig Webre said there’s a high likelihood that Carrere killed her daughter, then shot herself in the head as evidenced by the detailed suicide note police found at their residence in the 900 block of Burma Road, Thibodaux. The letter, the police added, was believed to be penned by Carrere herself.

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“This is a tragic incident, and we extend our heartfelt sympathies to the family. Investigators are still processing evidence, but we are confident in our determination of a murder-suicide,” Webre was quoted as saying by Houma Today.

A separate report from the WDSU News showed that the incident was reported by Carrere’s husband before noon Sunday.

According to a 2015 study published by the Violence Policy Center titled American Roulette: Murder Suicide in the United States,” in the first six months of 2011, there were 313 murder-suicide events resulting in 691 murder-suicide deaths, of which 313 were suicides and 378 were homicides.

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Of the 313 murder-suicide cases, around 89.5 percent involved a firearm, which translates to 280 cases. Of the same number of murder-suicide cases, only 30 cases were committed by female suspects, and the rest 283 cases were by males.

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