Mobile Security: Google Scans 6 Billion Android Apps Daily To Keep Your Phone Safe From Threat

Mobile Security: Google Scans 6 Billion Android Apps Daily To Keep Your Phone Safe From Threat

Mobile devices have become a crucial part of our lives. To be precise, it is our entire world that has been packed in a 5-inch device. What information do we not have stored on that phone? Everything from credit/debit card details to office presentations and other confidential information. With hackers becoming smarter with every passing day, mobile security has become a cause for worry.


Smartphone manufacturers and software makers are trying their best to maintain tight mobile security. App makers are also doing their part by offering end-to-end encryption but protecting a complete device where companies cannot restrict individuals from downloading apps that can pose a threat to phones is next to impossible.

Android users very well know about the Stagefright bug. Google was trying hard to beat it just a few months back. The company makes sure it does everything it can to enhance mobile security and protect Android devices from potential threats, malware, and hacking. Google has now said that to ensure mobile security, the company scans six billion Android apps daily to keep your Android device safe. According to The Verge, it is not clear whether this scanning process is automated or are initiated by Android users or is a combination of both the methods.

In its report, The Verge has shed some more light on what the company has shared related to mobile security and scanning of apps. Here is what the report reads,

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“Google says that over the course of 2016, PHAs (Potentially Harmful Apps) were installed on less than 0.15 percent of devices that only get apps from Google Play. If you include all devices in the Android ecosystem using Google’s services (i.e. those that get apps from third-party app stores), this figure rises to 0.5 percent. Last year, Google said this figure was “less than one percent.”

Though companies are working on keeping our devices safe, we must also do our part and stay away from dodgy apps. It is highly recommended to download only official apps and not any random app that you feel like trying to give your phone a new look. For almost every brand and their different phone models, there are dedicated apps.

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