Mob War May Be Brewing In Canada, Says Italy

Mob War May Be Brewing In Canada, Says Italy
Mafias del Mundo: Ndrangheta Eneas De Troya / Flickr CC BY 2.0

After one murder and an unsolved shooting last year outside a cafe in Woodbridge, Italian authorities have warned that a mob war might be underway after they listened to private conversations of an accused Mafioso.


Conversations between Vincenzo Crupi and his brother-in-law, Vincenzo Macri, were heard through concealed microphones. As reported by National Post, prosecutors said, “Crupi, coming from Canada, provided a detailed report to Vincenzo Macri about the outcome of his meetings in Canada with members at the top of the ’Ndrangheta operating in that territory.”

These recorded conversations “seriously highlight the danger of an escalation of an armed conflict within the coterie of ’Ndrangheta clans, operating for a long time in Canadian territory … particularly among the Coluccio and the Figliomeni (clans).” As part of the investigation into the Operation Acero Krupy (Acero meaning maple in Italian, and Krupy being a misspelling of the family under scrutiny), arrest warrants were issued for the two men last month.

Prosecutors say that the disturbance among clans has escalated dramatically after the murder of Carmine Verduci – a mobster and who has been described as a transatlantic go-between for gang members in Italy and Canada – outside Regina Sports Cafe in Woodbridge last year.

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However, police have not suspected any probable cause of a mob war taking shape. “Whatever the problem was between these groups, it looks like, somehow, it’s may have been worked out,” an officer said. “It looks like business as usual with these groups.” There has not been any hostile or violent retribution following Verduci’s death.

Another perception is that a war would affect the business. “There are too many important people who would lose money if there was a shooting war. They have to have some cohesion, they have to show strength to stave off competition from (mobsters based in) Montreal,” one officer said.

The ’Ndrangheta, which is the name of the Mafia that formed in Italy’s Calabria, has at least seven clans in the Toronto area. The group had escalated “to the top of the criminal world” by maintaining a “continuous flow of cocaine.” The ’Ndrangheta in Canada and Italy, prosecutors said, were tied by “an unbreakable umbilical cord.”

An official investigating the current case said the two countries were working together. “It is not only a fight for Italy against this group, but a fight at an international level. It is important to share information and work together,” the official said.