Miss Universe 2015: Teleprompter Errs, Not Steve Harvey

Miss Universe 2015: Teleprompter Errs, Not Steve Harvey
From Miss Universe

Miss Universe 2015 ended in a shocking twist when host Steve Harvey mistakenly announced that Miss Colombia won. However, a Snapchat going around social media sites show that it was the teleprompter’s mistake after all, but Harvey owned up since he felt it was his responsibility. The mistake as it seemed was that he did not read his cue card and relied on the erroneous script onscreen.


In the Snapchat first reported by USA Today, Harvey was seen explaining to people offstage that “the teleprompter said Miss Universe Colombia.” Miss Alabama had also posted the Snapchat story saying that “Someone in production is fired.” See the Snapchat here.

Miss Colombia was already crowned and was doing her “crowning walk and wave” when Harvey walked back onstage. “Okay folks. I have to apologize,” he said.

There was silence. “Miss Colombia was the first runner-up,” he said. He then held up the card and showed the camera the official results. “Listen, folks. Let me just take control of this. This is exactly what’s on the card. I will take responsibility for this. It was my mistake,” he said.

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“Miss Universe 2015 is Philippines,” he declared, ending the suspense.

Miss Philippines, Pia Alonzo Wurtzbach, looked shocked. She obviously did not know what to do next. She walked toward the front of the stage and waited for Miss Colombia to hand over the crown. Miss Universe 2014, who also happened to be from Colombia, approached the two ladies, took the crown and placed it on Wurtzbach.

Harvey had since apologized on Twitter. After the pageant, Miss Universe 2015 judge Niecy Nash tweeted that Steve Harvey personally apologized backstage to Miss Philippines after the mix-up.


  • Dinorah Lopez

    Now I really believe that Trump´s hand was behind this……he wanted to destroy the event that is no longer HIS.

    • Rebecca Spellmeyer

      Exactly how would that work? Why no statement from him?

      • meme35

        Trump said he would make them co-winners, if were up to him

        • dale bryan

          The true miss universe and a make believe miss universe… Give the ladies some dignity… It was straightened out…

        • Rebecca Spellmeyer

          I am just not sure that would work. There are 100s of 1000s of dollars in prizes that the new queen receives from sponsors. How would you split that up? Where would Miss Colombia stay(The MUO apt only has 3 bedrooms)? The crown alone is $300,000 and the titleholder gets a tiara version that is about 1/3 less so in this case $200,000.

  • Cls37x0

    Whateva.. it was still written on the card.. he should have bought up the discrepancy with the Judges before he opened his big mouth.

  • Chuck

    That’s a bunch of BS. They never put the winners’ names on the prompter. If they did, everyone on stage would see it before the host made the announcement. I’ve been to a pageant and I know people involved with them and the names are never on the prompter.

  • aNIv

    The 4 miss universe judges have spoken. They unanimously voted.miss philippines to be the miss universe 2015

  • They should fire the firm that scrimped on the card – the fonts are too small and the layout was poorly designed.