Miss Universe 2015: Miss USA Olivia Jordan Lands Top 3, But Was Her Answer Sufficient To Win The Crown?

Miss Universe 2015: Miss USA Olivia Jordan Lands Top 3, But Was Her Answer Sufficient To Win The Crown?

When Miss Universe 2015 had chosen its top 3, Miss USA was in it to win it. Following her intelligent response to a gun control pageant question, Olivia Jordan made it through. Furthermore, her final answer to why she will be crowned Miss Universe 2015 was one powerful response.


The audience cringed on their seats as the final three were announced. With several women who had interesting answers to current event issues from legalization of marijuana and gun control, Olivia Jordan, the contestant for Miss USA, truly earned her spot at the top three.

When it was Ms. Jordan’s turn to answer the semi-final question, she was asked about her position in gun control. Provided that, she responded that it is important for people to be able to protect themselves and feel safe. However, she also stated that it is also important for people to feel safe as a whole; meaning, everyone may have the right to own a gun but that it should be for the benefit of everyone and not just for self-protection. Nonetheless, she added that the government should specialize laws, or impose more specific regulations. Sadly, the buzzer went off when she was almost finished with the answer.

At present, those who are running for the presidency in the United States of America have been debating about the gun control issue that has been a constant nuisance in their state. In fact, one incident involves a radicalized Muslim couple who killed 14 people in California when they opened fire last December 2, reported Sydney Morning Herald. Such incident is just one of a series of “guns gone bad” incidents in the state which, unfortunately, have not been properly addressed by the state.

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Additionally, for her final answer, she was asked by the host why she thought that she should be crowned Miss Universe 2015. Jordan confidently answered that she should be declared the winner because she, first, is a driven woman. Second, she also said that she will stand for equality among men and women in society. Thirdly, she also said that she will be the bearer for women to remain strong and follow their dreams no matter what.

Provided that Miss USA for Miss Universe 2015, Olivia Jordan, addressed the issue and revealed her stand on the issue of gun control and women empowerment, did you think her answer was sufficient for the crown?

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