Minecraft WII U Free Update To Include Super Mario! Trailer & Release Date Confirmed  

Minecraft WII U Free Update To Include Super Mario! Trailer & Release Date Confirmed  
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Minecraft: Wii U Edition just got a whole lot better with its new update, introducing some of the best vintage characters from Super Mario. The new skin update is the result of Nintendo partnering with Mojang and Minecraft is going to release it on May 17th.


The downloadable content will provide gamers “immediate access” to characters like Mario, Luigi, Princess Peach, Bowser and Wario. Along with characters, the map’s texture and music resemble the vintage version.

The new update also features antagonist characters like Creepers and Zombies, providing us a total of 40 new character skins and 15 music bits as first reported by IGN. The gamers will be going up against Hammer Bros and Dry Bones is there to safeguard their encampments.

According to reports gathered by Engadget, the new minecraft theme was inspired from Super Mario World, Super Mario 64 and Super Mario Sunshine.

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The game allows us to manually choose any skin from Mario and interact with them in the Minectaft world. The inclusion of Mario realm maps and its music might take you back to the age of video games and make you forget you are in the world of minecraft.

Minecraft WII U Edition was initially released during last December. The game included various additional add-ons during its launch. This free update could also be a marketing strategy to improve its sales.

The Super Mario Mash-up Pack will be available as an extra in the retail version of Minecraft: Wii U Edition, set to release on June 17.

Gamers can also grab the digital version from Nintendo shop through Wii U console and Nintendo.com.

Watch the official released game footage of Minecraft Wii U Edition in Mario skin below.

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