Minecraft Update: Pocket Edition, Windows 10 Edition Patch Now Available for Download, See New Features Here

Minecraft Update: Pocket Edition, Windows 10 Edition Patch Now Available for Download, See New Features Here
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Good news Windows fans, the Minecraft update is now live with Pocket Edition and Windows 10 Edition now available for download. The latest update a few bug fixes and a new pack that will no doubt unleash your inner Game of Thrones/ Lord of the Rings fan.


Aptly named the Fantasy Texture, it will transform the game environment into a medieval-like world full of magical features. It will enable players to create immense castles with spires and dark dungeons giving the game a more Tolkien feel.

According to Neurogadget, a few bug fixes in the Minecraft update included fixing the book on the Enchantro skin’s back. Textures for the clock, lily pad and compass belonging to the Plastic and City texture packs also received some attention.

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So if you fancy recreating famous castles and fortresses from history or your favorite novels, this is the update for you. Mojang and its horde of coders slaved away at their computers with only coffee to sustain them. Now with the finished product within grasp, who wouldn’t want to take their new creation for a spin?

Let Mojang Know What You Think Of The Latest Minecraft Update

Though no longer considered a work in progress, Mojang still encourages players to submit their comments and suggestions. Your feedback regarding the game’s enjoyment is just as important as reporting bugs in developing a better user experience.

The new patch for the Minecraft Wii U Edition was also announced on the same day as the Minecraft. Dubbed the Patch 12, there is still currently very little detail regarding the patch. It seems Mojang is still trying to keep it under wraps for some announcements later down the road.

For the moment thought, it’s time to download the latest Minecraft update and take it for a spin. It would be safe to assume that players will be posting epic replicas of famous castles on picture sharing sites sometime soon.

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