The ‘Mindy Project:’ Vladimir Putin Is Mindy’s Next Love Interest?

The ‘Mindy Project:’ Vladimir Putin Is Mindy’s Next Love Interest?
Vladimir Putin President of Russia / Website CC by 4.0
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Vladimir Putin, probably one of the most controversial individuals in the world today, is one of the preferred guests-slash-love interest of Mindy Kaling.


Mindy, who stars in her own creation and self-titled series “Mindy Project,” is one of the most popular faces in Hollywood today. Her hit series has surprisingly become one of today’s hottest and most talked-about in the U.S.

In her interview with the TV Guide, Mindy said that aside from having popular and hottest Hollywood actors on her show, she is specifically interested in having Russia’s Putin on her show. But not just an ordinary guest; she wants to have Putin as her love interest.

On her show, Mindy said that they usually give an actor a chance to be exposed in a role that’s beyond their comfort zone.

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“For instance, we had Seth Rogen come on the show as an active duty soldier in the army. Actors are always excited to stretch their wings and try something new. Some people I’d love to have on the show are Tom Hanks, Idris Elba, Emma Thompson, and Vladimir Putin, as a love interest, of course,” Mindy told the TV Guide as quoted by Stuff.

But is having Putin as one of her love interests even possible? Well, no one really knows until Kremlin issues a statement regarding Mindy’s invitation.

The Mindy Project centers on the life of Mindy, a New Yorker and a practicing Obstetrics and Gynecologist. The story follows Mindy’s obsession with bright-colored clothes and her sex life. Since its airing, the show has featured several actors an Hollywood starts, including Chris Messina, who played Danny in one of the episodes.

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