Adele Amazed Of Her Inner ‘Miley Cyrus’

Adele Amazed Of Her Inner ‘Miley Cyrus’
Adele on a concert in January 2009 CHRISTOPHER MACSURAK/Wikimedia Commons CC BY 2.0
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Adele let her inner “Miley Cyrus” out on her March 19 concert staged at London’s O2 Arena. The “Someone Like You” hitmaker actually twerked while Lionel Richie’s hit song “All Night Long” but could not do it for a second time.


The six-time Grammy Award winner herself was amazed for achieving such a feat. Adorably she said, “Oh my god, did I just twerk? I think I just twerked!”

Adele tried it for the second time, but cannot do so anymore. The “Hello” singer was also quick to make a judgment about her form. “My bum could break my back, it’s so enormous.”

Seeing Adele doing the twerk, the crowd went wild. They couldn’t get enough of the English singer’s candid comments and dance moves the whole night as well.

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As stated by Entertainment Online, before Adele twerked, the singer took a pause between songs to interact warmly with the fans and playfully danced around the stage.

This is not the first time the singer interacted well with her fans during a concert. Rolling Stone reported that during Adele’s gig in Belfast, Ireland, she got cut off when she saw a young woman trying to propose to her boyfriend in the audience. Because it’s an Irish tradition to have a woman do the proposal on Leap Day, the singer did all to help the girl. Adele said, “You need to say a proper yes,” as she was able to get the 11,000-plus audience in Belfast, Ireland, to chant “Come on, Neil!”

Adele Live 2016 have 105 shows all over Europe and North America, and the tour is slated to end in Mexico City on November 15.

Adele Live 2016 tour doesn’t fire up in the United States until July, and reportedly, 10 million fans of the Golden Globe Award for Best Original Song winner tried to buy tickets when they went on sale last year.

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