Microsoft’s Marketing Agency Offers to Pay Bloggers for Good Posts about IE

Microsoft’s Marketing Agency Offers to Pay Bloggers for Good Posts about IE
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microsoft%20IE Microsoft’s Marketing Agency Offers to Pay Bloggers for Good Posts about IEMicrosoft Corp’s Internet Explorer (IE) may still be the most used browser to date, but data from various sources indicate that it is losing steam for quite some time now. It may be a matter of time before it is completely displaced by other popular browsers, especially Google’s Chrome.


But the giant technology firm may not easily let that happen. Thus, it is just logical for the company to exert marketing efforts to continuously promote its browser. But it seems that a recent project may create a backlash against the company and the browser.

Several journalists and bloggers have claimed that Microsoft’s third-party vendor has contacted them to offer compensation in exchange for writing nice things about IE. According to them, the invitation they received was asking them to collaborate on possible sponsored post opportunities for IE.

Paid opportunity for bloggers

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The invitation reportedly promised more. Aside from compensation, the agency allegedly said that there would be more additional opportunities as well as fun prizes plus more rewards that will be distributed throughout the entire duration of what is supposed to be a special marketing program for IE.

Not surprisingly, upon the revelation of this invitation, bashers have started criticizing Microsoft and its SocialChorus, its marketing agency. Netizens are creating social media mess out of this issue.

The sponsored opportunity reportedly asks bloggers to constantly write blog posts praising IE until July 10. The invitation also supposedly asked them to make good words about IE viral through posts that are cool and visual. The use of the social media is also recommended. Posts are supposed to use the hashtag #IEbloggers.

Trying to come clean

Interestingly, Microsoft has suspended this program. The company reportedly contacted the journalists and bloggers to clarify to them that the scheme is not in any way representative of how Microsoft works with the media. But it is not clear if the praises we read and see across the Internet and the social media today about IE are paid ones.

The suspension may translate to lost opportunities for some bloggers. That is because according to sources, most of them were able to get into agreements with Microsoft in their own terms. That also meant that some bloggers were able to name their own prices in exchange for the favor.


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    Is it safe to use IE?