Microsoft Windows 10 Build 10158 Out For Testing

Microsoft Windows 10 Build 10158 Out For Testing
Windows 10 Technical Preview na VirtualBox / Flickr CC BY-ND 2.0

Before the launch of the much-hyped and much-awaited Windows 10 on the 29th of this month, Microsoft released an internal version, Windows 10 build 10158, Monday this week. Though the intermediate build is solely for testing purposes among developers, it gives a fairly clear idea about the expected features in Windows 10.


Build 10158 comes with new Edge browser along with some additional UI enhancements. The Microsoft Edge browser, which will replace the Internet Explorer, comes with a new app ID that will make browsing history, cookies or favorites saved in earlier builds lost after the upgrade.

The new features bundled with Microsoft Edge offers the provision of adding a home button. It also supports importing favorites from other browsers. A lot of customization features have been included and there is also password management and “form fill” support.

The new build brings a number of refinements of the UX. As far as Continuum is concerned, a number of bugs have been fixed, and it includes enhanced Tablet mode animations and better support for classic as well as Windows 8/8.1 apps in Tablet mode, too.

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While using the Start Menu, users can swipe to the left to open all apps. The same will work for Tablet mode as well. Under all apps, you can simply click on a letter to easily find the apps under that letter.

A bag of updates have been introduced to Cortana with this build. The left rail has been consolidated and the Notebook now comes with combined Profile and Settings. The digital assistant now also offers flight tracking and alerts.

Cortana will offer complete voice support and take voice commands. It will do typing jobs for you and send emails automatically upon your voice instructions. As mentioned by Gabe Aul from Microsoft in a blog post, Cortana will enable users to even make corrections with voice commands.

It is now less than a month before the official launch of Windows 10, hence this build is likely to resemble the final release.