Microsoft Warns Windows XP Users against Use of Registry Trick Updates

Microsoft Warns Windows XP Users against Use of Registry Trick Updates
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Windows%20XP Microsoft Warns Windows XP Users against Use of Registry Trick UpdatesFor those who are still determined to keep their Windows XP on their PCs, there is good news. Online, there is a simple registry trick that may fool Microsoft Corp into thinking that a version of the old operating system is a version of so-called ‘Windows Embedded POSReady 2009.’


Those who have already discovered this tweak may continue to receive updates from the company until April 9, 2019. The process is as simple as making a text file and copying and pasting a certain code into it.

When done, the file would have to be renamed to just about anything with the file extension ‘.reg.’ From there, the registry can be added after restarting the system and running the Windows update.

Microsoft’s awareness

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But that said, and as expected, the software giant has learned about the unauthorized trick. Microsoft is now aware that a number of XP users are already doing the tweak to continue receiving updates for their outdated operating system.

Logically, the company has issued a warning about any XP user who is trying out the trick. That is why it has been quick to release a statement about it. Microsoft reiterated that security updates are only intended for so-called Windows Embedded and Windows Server 2003 users. It warned at the same time that the tweak may not fully give protection to just about any Windows XP users.

Strong warning

According to Microsoft, even with the trick updates, XP users will still be exposed to significant risks of functionality issues with their PCs if those are installed. It reminded that those are not actually tested against the operating system.

As expected, the company reminded remaining Windows XP users that the best possible way to protect their systems and PCs is of course to do the required upgrade to the more modern Windows operating systems. The Microsoft statement reiterated that Windows 7 and/or Windows 8.1 are still the better option to ensure overall security and protection.

It can be recalled that Microsoft stopped issuing security updates to Windows XP on April 9. It has constantly advised the users of the old OS to migrate or upgrade to newer systems. But it also admitted that nothing can stop users from continuously keeping their XPs. The PCs will still be operational only that security updates are not anymore initiated. 


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    Drop dead Microsoft. Get off XP’s back.