Microsoft Wants To End Sales Of Windows 7; Another Strategy To Promote ‘Windows 10?’

Microsoft Wants To End Sales Of Windows 7; Another Strategy To Promote ‘Windows 10?’

Microsoft wants to concentrate on Windows 10. The company also wants every Windows user to switch to its latest operating system. Microsoft has been implementing different strategies to meet its goal. Here is one such strategy.


Since Windows 7 and 8.1 still exist, it is difficult to make users switch to Windows 10 as users are comfortable using other operating systems. Again, these come pre-installed with new machines as well. If you go buy a new laptop, you will find few machines giving you pre-installed Windows 10. This is proving to be one of the biggest hurdles for Microsoft to achieve its goals.

Microsoft has decided to stop shipping devices with the older operating systems completely, and the cut-off has been scheduled for October 31, 2016. Since Windows 8 did not gain popularity, Microsoft allowed manufacturers to pre-install Windows 7 on the systems. But now, they have been asked not to do so.

With the date announced, the major players in the industry Dell, HP, Lenovo and Toshiba have almost a year’s time to create machines with Windows 10 and push Windows 7 machines out of the market. The same is going to be the case with Windows 8.1.

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Microsoft seems to be in a mood to bring drastic changes to the industry to promote Windows 10. A few days ago, it also announced that even pirated Windows users can get genuine Windows 10. So if you are still using any of the old operating systems, better get the latest operating system installed now.