Microsoft To Ditch ‘Windows 10’ For Its Own ‘Forked’ Version Of Android?

Microsoft To Ditch ‘Windows 10’ For Its Own ‘Forked’ Version Of Android?

Android and iOS are the leading operating systems in the world of smartphones. Other smartphone manufacturers who tried to have their own operating systems have drastically failed. Earlier, Blackberry decided to switch to Android to bring back its phones in the market. Now it is Microsoft that is going the same way.


When Lumia 950 and Lumia 950 XL were announced it looked like better days ahead for Windows phones, but not much have changed for Microsoft even after the launch of these new devices. The company’s financial quarterly results have shown a constant drop in phone hardware revenue. Blackberry is giving smartphone manufacturing one last chance with an Android-based Blackberry Priv. Is Microsoft giving smartphones a last chance as well?

The latest buzz in the industry is that Microsoft is working on its own “forked” version of Android. What does that mean? Microsoft’s Android will not have Google’s services, but its own. When asked for confirmation, Julie Larson Green, Microsoft’s Chief Experience Officer, neither confirmed nor denied the news. She made an interesting statement, though. Green said, “We’ll go wherever our customers are.” That’s a clear hint, isn’t it?

If we look at the figures IDC has shared for Q2 2015, there are:

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i. 82.8 percent Android users
ii. 14 percent iOS users
iii. 2.6 percent Windows users

Microsoft has also filed a patent for a technology that will allow the company to run operating systems other than Windows on a single device. That means you will be able to switch between systems in your phone. Another reason why Microsoft can easily come up with its own version of Android is because Android’s source code is released under an open source license. So anybody can modify this operating system. Hopefully, Android will help Blackberry and Microsoft revive their smartphone market.


  • Bruce

    I call bullshit. Windows 10 just launched, none of the phones have even shipped yet, and Continuum is a major part of Microsoft’s strategy under Nadella. Tech writers like you were saying that MS was getting out of hardware after the writedown of Nokia, but look at where we are now. Go back to writing humor, because you suck at writing for tech.