Microsoft To Compete With iPhone 6s And iPhone 6s Plus With New Lumia Phones?

Microsoft To Compete With iPhone 6s And iPhone 6s Plus With New Lumia Phones?
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Microsoft is experiencing an all-time high with the launch of Windows 10. And the company isn’t shying away from cashing on the popularity of its latest operating system. As demand for Windows 10 increases, the company is planning to launch more products that run on this operating system.


Lumia 950 and Lumia 950 XL smartphones are said to be Microsoft’s next project that will work with Windows 10 and target the cream of society. If the buzz in the industry is to be believed, Lumia phones are designed keeping the business class in mind and are said to be competing with Apple’s latest smartphones – iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus.

Tech Radar recently published a report suggesting that these new smartphones from Lumia will belong to the high-end category and will be charged keeping the same agenda in mind. Where Lumia 950 may cost you 659 Euros, Lumia 950 XL may cost you around 749 Euros.

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Microsoft’s decision to beat Apple by manufacturing smartphones of the same calibre is something to appreciate. Where other brands are busy trying to imitate Apple and give us nothing more than a copy of iPhone at a lower price, Microsoft has the guts to come up with devices that have almost nothing in common with the brand. Yet the company is planning to beat the competitor’s best-selling phones by giving people original and better devices.

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Will Microsoft be successful in selling Lumia smartphones to the business class?

To be honest, Apple is all about status. iPhone buyers, hence, need not worry much about these new devices, as we see the business class rarely using the products of other brands. Having said that, Microsoft also has a loyal fanbase. The only difference between the two brands is the craze for their products among a number of people. Lumia smartphones have the potential to be one of the best smartphones in the industry, but to make iPhone users switch to Lumia will definitely take time. It does not seem impossible, though!

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  • BoltmanLives

    They will run Windows 10 not some “mobile” os