Microsoft Surface Pro At Super Bowl 50: Was the Denver Broncos’ Celebration Scripted?

Microsoft Surface Pro At Super Bowl 50: Was the Denver Broncos’ Celebration Scripted?
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At Super Bowl 50, we couldn’t get enough of the Microsoft Surface Pro tablet. Two weeks back, the tablet was in the news as CBS broadcast announcers mentioned that the devices are not properly working during the 2nd quarter of the NFL’s AFC Championship. Later, the network was blamed for the issues that the broadcasters were facing at the time of game.


No matter what the issue was, this put Microsoft Surface Pro in a bad light. But all is well that ends well. There was a positive twist given to the negative statements at the end of the game. When the New England Patriots lost (the ones who were complaining about issues with Microsoft Surface), the winning team, the Denver Broncos, celebrated their victory by telling the world that they are the “World! Champs!”

This victory was celebrated with the world by scribbling “World! Champs!” on Microsoft Surface Pro. The team did not just celebrate their success by writing these words on Microsoft’s tablet, but Aqib Talib also held the tablet up for cameras to capture it. This public display of the Microsoft Surface Pro at the Super Bowl 50 achieved something; with very little advertising, the tablet reached out to the world. This again begs to question whether the use of the Microsoft Surface Pro in a game like the Super Bowl 50 really spontaneous? Or was it a part of a promotion?

Some people believe that the company has paid NFL $400 million to promote Microsoft Surface Pro. This again made me think whether the whole celebration of the Denver Broncos was scripted. If that had been the case, then it could be plausible that anything the announcers at the Super Bowl would say, (whether positive or negative), would also imply the same. In any case, a hefty amount was paid to put the brand under the spotlight and it makes the brand an irresistible deal to an entire audience. Well Done, Microsoft!

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