Microsoft ‘Surface Pro 4’ Release Date Specs Price Details; Thinnest Core PC Ever Built?

Microsoft ‘Surface Pro 4’ Release Date Specs Price Details; Thinnest Core PC Ever Built?

Microsoft’s much-awaited Windows event took place yesterday, and the devices unveiled were not much of a surprise as they were nothing more than the rumored products that have been doing the rounds for quite some time now.


What is worth mentioning about the event is the launch of the “Surface Pro 4” tablet. Experts believe that this gadget has the potential to replace laptops. Here is why.

Microsoft’s Surface Pro 4 sports a 12.3-inch screen. The display is made of 5 million pixels with 267 pixels per inch. With just 8.4 millimeters thick, Microsoft claims that Surface Pro 4 is the “thinnest Core PC” shipped. This tablet is protected by Gorilla Glass 4.

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Surface pen

We heard enough about the S-Pen and the iPencil; now it is time for the “Surface Pen”. At least when it comes to theory, the Pen looks like an advanced stylus. It comes with 1024 levels of pressure, giving users a better control while writing on the device. It is available in 5 colors: gold, red, white, blue and black. The fun part is that the tips are interchangeable.

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This pen comes with a battery that can last for a year without having to charge it even once. Surprising, isn’t it? You can also keep this pen magnetically attached to your tablet with no fear of losing it.

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Powered by “Skylake” processor

Microsoft’s Surface Pro 4 tablet is powered by Skylake processor, Intel’s 6th generation chip Microsoft claims is 50% faster than the processor used in the MacBook Air.

Apart from the battery life, the Surface Pen, an advanced processor and other specifications, there is much more to this laptop killer like:

– 1TB of storage,

– USB 3.0 ports

– 16GB of memory

– Ethernet port

– Two 4K DisplayPort

– Keyboard with fingerprint sensor

Surface Pro 4 is definitely a gadget anyone can fall in love with. If you have been looking to buy a new tablet, here is good news for you – this latest tablet from Microsoft is available for pre-order from October 7. The Surface Pro 4 release date is on October 26 and the price starts at $899.

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Here is the official promo of Surface Pro 4 posted by Microsoft Surface

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