Microsoft Surface Phone: Reports Suggest Windows 10 Phone Launch Cancelled For Surface Phone

Microsoft Surface Phone: Reports Suggest Windows 10 Phone Launch Cancelled For Surface Phone
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After Windows 10 phones Lumia 950 and Lumia 950 XL, is a Microsoft Surface phone the next in line? There are several reports that want you to believe Microsoft is now giving more importance to the Surface Phone than a Windows 10 smartphone. Most of the stories are coming from Windows Central.


One of the reports on Windows Central claims that “sources familiar with Microsoft’s plans have revealed that the rumored Intel-powered Windows 10 phone slated for May 2016 has been cancelled. Instead, an all-new flagship phone lead by Panos Panay and the team of engineers that built the Microsoft Surface and Surface Book has been given the green light. Slated for a release in the second half of 2016 this may be the long-wished-for Surface phone.” The news of a Microsoft Surface phone has been doing the rounds since the first Surface tablet was launched, but till date we have not seen any Surface phone in the market. There are chances that the company is working on other secret projects, and that the Surface phone is just a speculation. But when asked about the devices, the company has neither confirmed nor denied the news.

In an interview given to GeekWire, Panos Panay said, “People love asking that. Again, nice try. I think you have to continuously check the landscape of what needs to happen next in all our device categories. We’re working on a lot of stuff.”

Why have a Microsoft Surface phone when Windows 10 devices are being launched?

Microsoft is in a trial phase. The company clearly wants to be the next Apple and also kill major operating system Android, if possible. This would result in lesser competition. For Windows 10, Microsoft is clearly following Apple’s footsteps by aiming to make all of its devices interdependent. Why? Once you use a Windows 10 product, you are buying all the products that run on this OS. If a Microsoft Surface phone comes in, this would just be another trial. If the idea gets more acceptance than Windows 10 phones, Microsoft would not mind pushing Lumia phones aside.

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