Microsoft Surface Book, Surface Pro 4 Have Few Flaws, Company Apologizes To Owners

Microsoft Surface Book, Surface Pro 4 Have Few Flaws, Company Apologizes To Owners
From Microsoft

The Microsoft Surface Book is the brand’s first laptop, and Surface Pro 4 is the latest addition to the Surface series. With all-new Windows 10 gadgets, and Windows 10 itself, Microsoft is on top of the world. But everything is not as good as expected.


Whereas Lumia 950 and Lumia 950 XL are facing Wi-Fi connectivity issues just like old Surface tablets used to face, the Microsoft Surface Book and Surface Pro 4 face issues such as flickering screen. Many users have also come across problems with the system stability and power. To fix the issues, Microsoft released a firmware as well as software updates, but by the time the updates were out, users had already noticed the issues.

Right now, the major problem with Microsoft Surface Book and Surface Pro 4 are issues involving the draining of power even when the lids are closed or on standby mode. The problem is that the devices do not sleep properly. Apologizing for the issues, Microsoft in a post on Microsoft Answers wrote,

“First, a big thanks to all of our customers for your open and candid feedback on Surface Book and Surface Pro 4. For those of you who’ve had a less-than-perfect experience, we’re sorry for any frustration this has caused. Please know that we’re reading your comments and hearing you loud and clear. Your input is incredibly valuable in helping us address your questions with timely updates and fixes. Since launch, we have aggressively pursued the most pressing feedback. We have already issued a number of updates via Windows Update and are working to issue additional updates and fixes as soon as possible to further improve the overall Surface experience. ” 

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Now that Microsoft has confirmed that they are looking into the matter and working towards fixing the issues, we can expect flawless a Surface Book and Pro 4 experience in the near future.

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  • Pat

    Surface Book is very premature product. Infect I must say company has not put enough effort on testing. I have my personal experience where it gave me problems one after other in last month and a half and finally I endup return this back to MS. During this period MS team try to resolve issues many times without any success. They even did one replacement but no success even after. How can one believe to have so many problems on $2700 laptop?

    • TheHinac

      I checked both out, and we have one at work now that people are checking out. I see that I’m not the only one that feels its a rushed product. Still not a replacement for a normal laptop. But it is a decent try.

  • LorinT

    Hardware has never been Microsoft’s bag. They’ve tried a few times to copy other people’s work, and except for gaming devices, have fallen far short each time. The Zune tried to be an iPod, but only added an FM radio. Surface is a clumsy contraption when you try to use it like a laptop. And unsurprisingly, nobody even remembers the pathetic phone attempt called Kin, even though two different models got released.

    There’s lots of work that major OEMs go through to give the end user that “it just works” experience. Dell, HP, Apple, etc are very consistent in their approach, and have success. Internally they work as a team, and not a disjointed competitive divisions as Microsoft has evolved into. There is no way for Microsoft’s historic approach to yield positive results. Consider for instance that ex-CEO Ballmer recently tore Nadella a new bung hole during the last earnings report, ridiculing how Nadella is approaching tools to clone Android apps. Just ridiculous to see a former CEO sling mud like that.

    Most likely the success of the XBox line is a direct result of not having the same kind of infighting that exists in other areas of Microsoft. It would be pretty great if the successful pieces could spin off into their own companies, and not have to face so much internal red tape to get stuff done.

    • The SP3 is an excellent product, and has been an excellent success. Many of the employees at my company have been clamoring for us to replace their laptops with Surface tablets. I personally also own a SP3, and it has done a wonderful job replacing my old laptop. I used it for schooling, it temporarily replaced my desktop PC for a while, and I now also use it at work. It is not at all “clumsy” when being used as a laptop, as you describe. With the infinitely adjustable kickstand built-in, it is almost no effort at all to find a position that sits comfortably on your lap (try that with an iPad, “pro” or otherwise, with it’s add-on stand and only one position). And it certainly packs enough power in that small package to be up to just about any task you throw at it. Probably the only things it can’t do well, are intense gaming or heavy 3D CAD design. For those, you need a dedicated graphics card, which the new Surface Book now offers.

  • Curtis Quick

    All new tech has issues. I can remember each iPhone had its issues and the iPad Pro has its issues as well. I have been an very happy user of my Surface Pro 3 over the past two years. It has become my daily driver and does it all. Of course, a slightly larger screen and a lighter weight would be welcome and so I look forward to the Surface Pro 5, but it’s just fine for now. My point is however that the Surface line of devices are will built and highly capable. The issues with the SP4 and the Surface Book will be resolved soon with firmware updates. Patience is a virtue.