Microsoft Says Skype Now Has Group Video Call On Mobile

Microsoft Says Skype Now Has Group Video Call On Mobile
Picture from Skype / Microsoft Website

Microsoft has expanded Skype’s video call service. This time, you can video chat with your entire group of friends, and you can do it for free!


You can call it the tenth anniversary of Skype video call. After all, Skype says it has been 10 years since the messaging service decided to offer free video calling to its users. How do they know it has been 10 years already? Well, the Skype team remembers that they launched this free service on the same year the NASA Stardust mission managed to successfully bring back interstellar dust from a comet. And around four years after that, Skype started offering one-to-one video calling for mobile phones. Now, video calls can be done with a group.

The group video calling on Skype is available for about any device, whether it be an Android, iPhone, iPad or a Windows 10 phone. The development is significant for Skype as there are now more than 750 million people who have downloaded the app on their Android devices, Windows Phone, iPhone and iPad.

So far, Skype has already given away almost 2 trillion minutes worth of free Skype video calls from all over the world. Service men and women have used this communication service to stay in touch with friends and loved ones while overseas. Meanwhile, doctors have also used the Skype service to perform laparoscopic surgery.

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Skype is rolling out the new group video call feature in the coming weeks. But if you want to get a sneak preview of it already, pre-register here.

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