Microsoft Revamps Outlook; Introduces Groups To Simplify Email Conversations

Microsoft Revamps Outlook; Introduces Groups To Simplify Email Conversations
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Even though Microsoft’s latest Office 2016 for Windows is something to look forward to for many new and exciting changes, the revamping of Microsoft Outlook is something that is grabbing more attention.


The new Microsoft Outlook

Microsoft Outlook is a favorite email software from corporate houses. The firms have never  switching to other software in years. Even though no one complained about the email being the same for years, the change was much needed.

Outlook Groups is a new feature that has been introduced by Microsoft with the latest version of Office 2016 for emails. With Outlook Groups, users will be able to create a group for people and engage in chat-like conversation threads.

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In a Microsoft Office blog post, the Office 365 team explaining this new feature wrote, “In Outlook 2016, creating a group is easy and new colleagues can also join existing groups and quickly get up to speed. Each member of a group can participate in conversations, schedule meetings, share files and notes and even initiate a Skype for Business voice and video call for urgent real-time decisions.”

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The best part about this is that the changes are not restricted to desktop. The app can also be downloaded on Android, Windows and iOS devices. People are wondering why Microsoft introduced a chat-like group conversation within the email and not start a stand-alone messenger. The company’s intention was to simplify email conversations, not to add a messenger to the already existing big list of chat apps. Outlook Groups allows users to dive in, participate and easily go back and move forward in a conversation without having to go through all the CC, BCC and Forward procedures.

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Have you tried the new Microsoft Outlook yet? If not, update your email software today.