Microsoft Partners With Red Hat, Linux To Be Made Available On Azure

Microsoft Partners With Red Hat, Linux To Be Made Available On Azure
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Yesterday, the tech world was busy with the news of Activision Blizzard acquiring King Digital Entertainment. And now there is another partnership the industry can’t stop talking about. Microsoft and Red Hat have come together to make Red Hat’s open source software available on Microsoft Azure for enterprise customers.


Microsoft and Red Hat’s partnership is going to bring changes for both companies as well as customers. Red Hat Linux will now be the “preferred choice” on Microsoft Azure for enterprise users. WE will also get to see a co-located enterprise support center where technicians of both firms will move to the same building. The executives have confirmed that this center would be located none other than in Microsoft’s Redmond-based headquarters. Speaking about the partnership, Red Hat in its blog post wrote,

“We heard from customers and partners that they wanted our solutions to work together – with consistent APIs, frameworks, management, and platforms. They not only wanted Red Hat offerings on Microsoft Azure, they wanted to be able to build .NET applications on infrastructure powered by Red Hat Enterprise Linux, including OpenShift, Red Hat Enterprise Linux Atomic Host, and Red Hat Enterprise Linux OpenStack Platform.”

Both companies will now provide customers with a pay-as-you-go license model that will be based on consumption. This will be offered for Red Hat products that are going to be available on Azure hereon. Listed below are some of other important Red Hat services that will now be available on Microsoft Azure:

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JBoss Enterprise Application Platform,

JBoss Web Server, and

Gluster Storage

Scott Guthrie, Microsoft Cloud and Enterprise executive VP, believes that this partnership is going to be a win-win situation as it “enables flexibility and choice for all developers, regardless of language.”